Rules & Regulations

School Rules & Regulations

  • Observe order and decorum befitting to the school.
  • You must not bring any sharp instrument to the school.
  • You must not lend or borrow money or other articles from your fellow student.
  • You are expected to be polite, courteous, respectful and well disciplined inside and outside the school.
  • Buying eatables from street vendors is strictly forbidden outside the school premises.
  • Any communication sent from the school should be conveyed to the parents promptly.
  • You should be habitually clean and neatly dressed. The school uniform is to be worn on all school days and on all occasions of functions organized by the school.
  • Pupils who are not properly dressed and whose general appearance does not confirm to such regulations as the school prescribes, may be sent back home by the principal.
  • It is strictly forbidden to throw anything out of place and at anyone.
  • It is necessary that pupils must obey the monitor appointed by the class teacher to maintain discipline during his/her absence from the class.
  • Non- Sikh boys should have their hair trimmed at regular intervals.

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